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Pink Dragon Smoothie

I've been trying to incorporate more smoothies into my life as small snacks or fillers throughout my day. I've been enjoying my green smoothies but or course like many foods, you want a change here and there. different flavours and textures. This smoothie is a frozen goddess. Thick and creamy, it's perfect on it's own or topped with scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt!

This particular recipe was inspired from @earthyandy. An Instagram inspiration of mine. I'll never be as healthy as her but I love using her as in inspiration in general.

IMG_0120 2.jpg

Pitaya, also known as the Dragon Fruit, really has no distinct taste to it but the vibrant pink colour gives an attractive look to your smoothie. 


Frozen Banana 


Almond Milk

Vanilla Bean (I used pure extract)


IMG_0123 2.jpg

Blend ingredients until smooth. I also added in some vanilla protein powder and crushed ice to make it more thick.

Comment below your smoothie recipes and enjoy this one! 

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