Night Time Trio

It took me a while to find my favourite products for my skin. I never really thought about taking care of my skin while I sleep until recently. These products are fairly new but are working wonders for my face. Filled with fruit extracts, pure oils and vitamins, let’s dive into these clean products that relax and revive your face.

My Wellness Bar

Natural wellness has become a big part of my bed side routine. I had to make sure all of my favourite remedies are close by and displayed in the cutest way possible. *Not sponsored by Saje Wellness. I just truly enjoy their products and want to share them with everyone.

What's in my Yoga Bag

I’ve recently joined the gym again for like the 3rd time. I really wanted to get back into yoga but couldn’t quit find a yoga studio around me that I loved. I remembered the classes at Good Life Fitness and loving them. They have multiple locations with different class times and variations. I’ve also started doing Hot Yoga as well!

Jap Chae

First found you in a food court, now you're in my kitchen. This Korean noodle dish is super easy to make. You'll bring it to every potluck you're invited to!