Super Salad

When it comes to salads i like them big. Packed with different textures and flavours. Your salad can be however you want to make it! Be creative and express what you love in a salad.


Having a fur baby is amazing. It's healthy, it's calming, and you feel amazing to have rescued an animal. Giving them a new home feels so right. I'm so thankful to have my girl Daisy by my side.


If it's pink I like it. I was in search for the next mini purse to replace my old brown one and I've found it! While doing this post I learnt a lot about the company 'Matt & Nat'. Read on my friends to find out.

The Water Cream

My new favourite skin care brand. Tatcha is Japanese brand so I feel like it was made for my skin. This water cream does wanders for my face. Literally all you need is a pea drop size of cream  and you're golden. Not to mention the packaging is on point! With that little golden's pretty perfect.

DIY: Green Living

I am crafty. I just don't show it a lot on this blog...although the blog itself can show my creative side FYI. Anyways, I love my plants and giving them the cutest home possible is important to me. See how I create those homes in this post!

Just Breath

Breathing in that Ylang Ylang and Yoga mix is heaven. Essential oils have become such a big part in my life recently that I have to share it with everyone. I still love candles, but the beauty behind essential oils has got be knee deep in love.

Mac & Cheese

Hands down one of the best creations of life. Mac & Cheese you are my life. Making it from scratch is even better! Ditch the box brands and try making it yourself! It's easier than you think. you can make more at a time and when you get it the recipe down, it takes almost the same amount of time as making it from the box.

Tattoo #6

The only scripted tattoo I have. I had to think long and hard about this one as having words on my body seems picky to me. It had to be something I wouldn't get tired of. Something I believed in. And presented in a beautiful, unique way.