Jap Chae

First found you in a food court, now you're in my kitchen. This Korean noodle dish is super easy to make. You'll bring it to every potluck you're invited to!

How To: Packing for Iceland

Packing for a colder climate can be tough. I know for myself I've never had to pack for one. I'm so used to packing for a tropical climate that I had no idea what to do for this trip. The trip is...I packed as if I was at home! I'm not one to change up my outfits every single day so I didn't pack much.

Super Salad

When it comes to salads i like them big. Packed with different textures and flavours. Your salad can be however you want to make it! Be creative and express what you love in a salad.


Having a fur baby is amazing. It's healthy, it's calming, and you feel amazing to have rescued an animal. Giving them a new home feels so right. I'm so thankful to have my girl Daisy by my side.