Thai Coconut Curry

Thai Coconut Curry

I love cooking with Thai curries because they are not as strong as an Indian style curry. It's light on my stomach and it tends to be more creamy (I love creamy sauces). One of my favourite restaurants is a Thai restaurant - Red House in Pickering. I wish I could replicate their Pineapple Fried Rice dish but in the mean time, I totally get the vibes with this curry dish I created (which isn't that sophisticated). 


I found this amazing Coconut Curry Simmering Sauce at a small local grocery store. It's like a hidden gem. All I had to do was choose my ingredients and my base and I was all set!




Red & Green Pepper



White Rice

Salt & Pepper

Garlic Powder


Olive Oil

| HOW TO |

Make 2 cups of white rice in your rice cooker. Let at do it's thing while you cook everything else.

In a large sauce pan with olive oil over medium heat, start frying up some shrimp. As many as you like of course. There is no right or wrong here. Season your shrimp with salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika.

When your shrimps are just about cooked, add in your julienne red and green pepper, sliced onion and chopped garlic. I prefer my veggies still a tad hard when I eat curry. It adds more body to the dish. With that being said, I only cooked my veggies for a few minutes.

When the veggies are to my liking, I add in my sauce. I let it simmer until it's hot. Serve your curry mixture on a bed of steamed rice and there you have it! 

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