What's in my Yoga Bag

What's in my Yoga Bag

It's time that I kick my butt and do some exercise. I'm not a huge fan of the gym. lifting weights, running...all that just isn't me. I prefer class workouts, specifically Yoga type classes. I've recently join up again with Good Life Fitness because they have an array of different class types, locations and times. Perfect for a girl like me who works late nights.

With that being said, I've been trying to go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. Kicking my butt to get out of bed a tad earlier than usual and being proactive. Since it's become a part of my routine...I thought I'd share with my peeps what I bring to my Yoga classes. 


Yoga Mat | Good Life Fitness provides many services to their guest including equipment. I've had my Yoga mat for quit some time now but I also much prefer this specific mat because of the material it's made out of. It's great for those who sweat a lot like myself. My palms get sweaty very easy and this mat helps prevent that while you practice. Plus having a fun pop of colour in your practice is key. 

Towel | Since starting Hot yoga, I realized fast that I NEED a towel in my life. This is a life saver in hot yoga.

Block | Don't be afraid to try Yoga. I for one am not flexible at all but with practice, you get there...hence why it's called a practice. I've never used a block in the past but quick realized how helpful it can be for me with certain poses like Triangle pose or even using it in a low calf stretch for support. 

Strap | Staying on the same subject, the strap is there for you. You can use it in sitting arm stretches or in a sitting forward fold. Again I'm horrible at forward folds in general so I know I need some help.


Water Bottle | Please for the love of all that is good and holy in the world, stay hydrated while you work out! It'll keep your mind in place and focused. This water bottle in particular is from Lululemon and the top of it pushes down to release the water. I keep it pushed own in my practice for easy access and so I don't make so much noise. Yoga is a zen and quiet place and you should respect it. So I try to be as quiet as I can.

Head Band | I usually only use one in Hot Yoga. I sweat a lot like I've said before and this baby helps my hair stay out of my face and sweat from dripping in my eyes. 

Bag | As for my bag, it's actually just a large tote purse from Aritzia that I'm not currently using for my everyday use. So I still feel like I use it and get my money's worth out of it, I've been using it for my gym bag. 

The Little Things | Of course you may want to use a hair tie. When I go to Hot Yoga, I end up wiping my face constantly during practice so afterwords my face is dry and is in need of a moisturizer. I usually just bring a small container or travel size version of my moisturizer for after practice. 

I'm not one to use a massive gym bag and bring my whole life with me. So I really don't need much except for my own equipment. I try to keep my attire practical yet colourful and free. I need to be able to move and sweat in it. With that being said, you don't need to wear much in yoga. I usually just wear my outfit to and from the gym. 


Yoga Mat | The Reversible Mat by Lululemon

Towel | Mine is from Home Sense - Similar ⇢ Amazon

Block | Lift & Lengthen Yoga Block by Lululemon

Strap | No Limits Stretching Strap by Lululemon


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