A big welcome to all of you. I’m a girl who felt like taking photos in my own, uneducated way and sharing them with the world. I also enjoy the writing aspect behind sharing stories so I thought it was appropriate to start my own blog. 

Enjoy my space where I will be sharing my life, loves, and adventures. I hope my blog inspires you in many different ways and that you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.


Living in the moment is what I usually do. I wanted to start capturing the moment in an artistic way. Photography is a growing hobby of mine and something that I’ve always admired. I love seeing the beauty in things through a single image. 

Documenting a moment is something that I used to do very rarely. I never had a secret diary as a kid and I still don’t. I started writing my own diary entries about 2 years ago. Just about random, special occasions that happened in my life. I then started writing about my feelings and how happy or sad or loving or excited I was. Very rarely (even now) did I do negative entries. I tried to keep them positive. 

I wanted to put two and two together. So I decided to create this blog. As this blog grows, I will grow with it. Finding new interests and finding myself. Come along with me on this journey to see where life takes us.