Hello Lovelies!

Let me just take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Katrina Kobayashi but feel free to call me Kat. I started this blog because I just wanted to share my loves and passions with the world. Whether it be food, travel or lifestyle, it’s on here.

Born and raised in the suburbs just outside of Toronto, ON, Canada, I’ve been majorly influenced by the rush and noise of the big (not so big) city and the peace and quiet of a rural neighbourhood. Living in-between is a nice neutral for me because I have a city that holds many opportunities to try new things and visit new places. On the contrary, having to live in a rural area makes me appreciate my family and the comfort of home living.

I’m always looking for new inspiration so feel free to share with me your thoughts and loves of life. Share with me who inspires you. I’d love to hear from you. Until then my lovelies…x