Isn't she glorious?! If you follow me on social media you've seen her before. Meet Daisy! My 4 year old - Domestic Long Haired FUr friend.

| Love |

It was prety much love at first sight with this one. When shopping for a cat, I was a little biased when choosing my soul Fur mate. I love all types of cats but I've been attracted to the long haird ones for quit some time now. We already have a family cat that is a short haired Tabby Cat. I obviously wasn't going to let my bias of loving long hair get in the way of choosing a cat. When you feel that connection, you know it's the right friend. Believe me, you'll just know. It's almost like any other relationship. The feels man.


| Thinking about adopting? |

Don't think...just do it. Obviously keep in mind, pets do cost money. SOme more than others. Our friends sometimes need medical attention, grooming and of course food and litter and toys. You want your friend to live a long and happy life and love you to the moon and back. So if you can financially afford a new friend, go for it!

I know I said just do it but of course don't rush into it. Look for your soul fur mate takes time, effort and patients.

Do your research! Can you afford to keep a pet? ANy Allergies? What kind of pet do you want? And when you find one, be sure to read it's card and it's history. Animals, just like humans, can have a medical condition to be weary of. of course, don't let that be a big no to adopting. Yes is it more money but you are saving a life. If you can afford and the connection is there, then it's right.   

I believe having a pet in your life is healthy. they keep you happy and keep you company. I know I already have a family cat but having Daisy as 'my' cat is a blessing. I am so thankful I was gifted her.


| Adoption Process |

Adoption Daisy felt so amazing. I felt like a saved a soul and added a piece to myself to feel complete in a way. The adoption process didn't take long at all for Daisy. I brought her home the same day I saw her, Filled out the papper work and that was that! I WAS SURPRISED MYSELF. 

SOME PLACES there's an application to fill out to see if you're the right person for the pet. It depends on the situation of the animal and who is giving them up for adoption.

For the record, I got Daisy at:

Toronto Animal Shelter [east location], 821 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON  


| Shelters |

Honestly, just google your nearest shelters and go for a visit! It's something different to do and gives you a cuteness overload in your brain!

Toronto Humain Society

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