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Fenty x Puma by RiRi

Fenty x Puma by RiRi

Comfort to the max

that's literally enough said. These slippers are so comfy...ugh. I was so hesitant about buying these babies. I don't exactly know why but I finally caved in and bough myself a pair. I was hoping for the purple ones but they only sell them in the U.S. and I didn't want to wait that long aaaaaaannnddd I decided the purple was a tad too dark, the blue too light and the green the perfect shade. I did my research to see the real colours in person.

How cute are they?! They're so girly I love them. AS I said above...I did my research before buying them. I wanted to make sure I would actually wear them, in or out. I made sure I got the right colour as well. It was between the green and the purple...I clearly went for the green. THank the gods for the Pinterest because I actually looked up outfits to go with these slippers. Outfits that I would actually wear. I found these comfy yet stylish outfit with a long knit sweater dress, black ball cap and black purse. I know it's all black but very chic. Take a look for your self. I plan on doing a post about a similar outfit in the future so stay tuned for that!

Super cute right. Now I want that bag but that's another day, year, get it. 


| The Package |

Packaging is super cute by the way. Sleek, matte black box with glossy 'Fenty' and 'puma' all over and RiRi's name on the inside. What's pretty dope is that even for slippers it comes with a dust bag. All black velet. 

| Size |

Everywhere you go you'll hear that these slippers run really big...meaning you need to size down! I'm a size 8-9 in every other show but these I got a size 6.5. Yup...6.5! They fit me perfectly. 

| should I or shouldn't I |

Honestly it's up to you. These slippers are definitely out of my comfort zone when it comes to wearing them in public. I have no problem in the comfort of my own home lol. They are a luxury for sure. I didn't buy mine because everyone had them. I bought them because I saw them, loved them, hesitated big time about them, and finally got them. My style is whatever I want it to be. Some days I want to dress sporty, others girly, slouchy, sexy, etc. THat's what fashion is for! You don't need to have your own everyday style. Do whatever makes you feel good. 

| Okay...where can I buy them? |

Obviously on the Puma website! I personally got mine at Little burgundy. Just google 'Fenty puma fur slides' and shop around.