Sassy Chicken, Bacon & Spinach Pasta

Sassy Chicken, Bacon & Spinach Pasta

You gotta love Pinterest. I found this super easy and yummy pasta recipe on Pinterest recently and my oh my did it take my breath away. Spicy and full of flavour, this pasta dish is definitely one for the books.

| What you need |

Penne Pasta

half and half cream - I used 35% because I can

6 Bacon strips

2 chicken breasts

tomatoes - I used cherry tomatoes



Seasonings - Chilli Flakes, Salt, Pepper, Italian Seasoning & Paprika


| What to do |

get a large pot of water ready to boil for your pasta. Penne pasta usually takes about 8-10 minutes.

The first thing to cook right away is that bacon so set up a small pan for that goodness and cook away. Set aside when finished.

Next start cooking you chicken. Get a large sauce pan on medium to high heat with some olive oil. Chop up your chicken breast into small pieces or strips and place them in the pan. Season the chicken with paprika and Italian seasoning as it cooks. As the chicken is cooking, chop up your garlic and slice your tomatoes. Once that chicken is fully cooked, add in the garlic, tomatoes and spinach. Season all this with some chilli flakes. 

Once the spinach has softened, add in the bacon (should of strained of it's fat) and your cream. I eye balled how much cream to put it according to the amount i was making. Let the cream sauce come to a boil and add in some more chilli flakes. You may also add in some salt and pepper to taste. 

Finally add your cooked pasta! Stir around until the sauce has cooked on the pasta a tad. There you have it! I named it "Sassy" because of the chilli flakes.

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