Just Breath

Just Breath

For the past year, I've become obsessed with essential oils and my diffusers. It's calming. They smell amazing! And they're healthy. There are so many perks to having a diffuser in your room. They purify the air you breath and reduse allergies. Plus have I mentioned it smells amazing?! 


| Meet the family |


Anyways I'd like for you guys to meet the fam. I've spoiled myself and have two babies! One you know from before...her name is devine. She's the slim ceramic white diffuser living in my room. She fits perfectly on my night stand. I've surrounded her with my salt lamp, plants and zen decour like my buddah and elephant. She's currently diffusing 100% Lavender; my new favourite scent.

She's the perfect size for a bedroom. I love hearing the trickle of water. Even when I have no oils to diffuse, I just keep using water. It's still so amazing to use water to help purify the air around you.    


The newest edition to the family is Luna - named so because of her round shape and moon like pattern. She is a limited edition diffuser from Saje Natural Wellness. The artwork she displays is by Vancouver artist Dana Mooney.

It was love at first sight. I had to have it and I was looking for another diffuser from the living room. The price was right for being limited edition. She sits in the middle of our living space; filling the air with a combination of 100% Ylang Ylang and yoga (a blended scent by saje). This baby lasts forever! I'm talking like 22 hours constantly.  

| The line up |

The first three in the line up are by Now essential oils. What an amazing price for the size of the bottle! I found them at a health store by my place. Like the orange is only $6.99! You can't go wrong there. I love the citrus scents. I've had Orange before but never grapefruit. It's a tad bit lighter than Orange. The Lavender is my current favourite. Such an effortless scent.

The next three where part of a combo pack from Costco by Aroma Force . Blessed deal and reasonably priced when you find them at a health store. I use the Ylang Ylang every day combined with Yoga that's part of our next group. It's always diffusing in my living room. I smells like a health store. So natural. The other two - Eucalyptus and tea tree - I only use when I'm sick or not feel 100%.  

Clearly the next group is by saje natural wellness. All of these are blends of various oils together to create beautiful scents. You can blend any essential oils together to create your own scnet. These are my top 5 from Saje. I have a few other favourites from them just not part of the group at the moment like liquid sunshine - it has a lemon scent to it. Out of the Saje scents, goddess is probably my favourite with yoga being a close second.


| My Favourites |

Lavender - Now essential oils

Ylang Ylang - aroma force

goddess & yoga - saje welless 

Of course my nose can totally change direction in a few months. I adore all of the scents I have - of course because I won't spend the oney on them if I didn't. These are just the four that have been my go too's lately.

| where to get all this |

There are so many different brands that sell diffusers. Both of mine happen to be from Saje Natural Wellness. Escents Aromachology and Now Essential oil are other brands that carry diffusers and oils.


-Saje Natural Wellness-

-West of Pickering-

I usualy travel to fairview mall in York - the regin just north of toronto


-East of Pickering-

If you're not into the city vibes, feel free to go to the Oshawa Centre


Other Saje Locations

[in toronto - Eaton centre, yorkdale mall, queen street, etc.]


- Now Essential OIls-

you can find Now Essential oils products at Healthy Planet stores

-escents aromachology-

Located in the heart of Downtown toronto - and another location in Brampton


** I've also bought Aroma Force products from Healthy Planet**

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