Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese

A fan favourite. I like my mac & cheese extra creamy.

I've had mac & cheese a million times. It's one of my favourite meals. I've had homemade mac & cheese before but I've never made it myself...Until now. 

| What you need |




Macaroni Pasta

Cheddar Cheese

All purpose Flour


Butter or Margarine

| What to do |

Bring a pot of water to a boil to cook your macaroni Pasta. Drain once it's done and set aside in a large bowl. 

Start off by melting 1/4 cup of butter in a pot on low-medium heat. Add in a 1/4 cup of flour and stir for about a minute until it starts browning.

Add in 3 1/2 cups of milk and 2 1/2 cups of Shredded cheese.

Note: don't add all the cheese in at once. Add a little in at a time and stir constantly. 

Season with a little salt, pepper and paprika to taste. 

Once your sauce is at a medium to thick consistency, quickly add it to your pasta and mix. 


TO be honest, I didn't even know what I was doing.

Here's a link I was following from a lovly young lady; a food lover just like me.

Chef In Training: Best Ever Mac and Cheese

| A little Extra |

Garnish your dish with chives or green onion! It'll add a fresh taste to your meal.

Try adding bacon or chicken and Broccoli...Drool

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