DIY: Green Living

DIY: Green Living

Adding the pop of colour to your room brings life! Literally because they are plants after all. 

Everyone has their own style. Personally, I like to changed mine up or simple do what feels right to me. When It comes to home decor, I enjoy the minimal look but also the Bohemian look (which is typically more colourful and busy). I decided I wanted to spice up this Aloe plant we have here. 

| Where to start |

well first you should choose a design. Pinterest is an amazing place to find new ideas! I get a lot of mine from there. Since it's an aloe plant one of the words is 'aloe' with the second word following 'ha'. Put them together and you get 'aloe-ha' which sounds similar to the Hawaiian word 'Aloha.' So I thought it was cute and I wanted to put it on my pot. You're design doesn't have to be words! I can be a cute mandala, leaves, swirls, or something totally random and creative made by you! THat's the beauty of art.

| What you need |

Your plant pot

A pencil or Stencil



| Design time |

Once you choose your design, trace it out on your planter. It doesn't have to be complicated. It's just an outline for you to trace. You can get my into detail as you paint.

Now just choose a brush that is the thickness you want and start to paint! There's nothing to it really. Be sure to choose a slim brush for precision. remember you can always go thicker. 

And that's it! Allow for your paint to dry before moving it. Feel free to add a top coat of any kind i.e. if you want it to look matte or glossy or just weather proof.



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