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You've all seen you're favourite people on social media talk about their favourite makeup products and what not. So i hope i fit into that category cause i'm here to talk about what i use on my face on a daily basis. 

I do get some questions on what I use on my face. It's taken me a long time to find the right products that work with my skin. Some are drug store and some are higher end. Everyones skin is different! You always need to do what's best for you. some of my products may change throughout the year depending on the weather. 


step by step

let me explain the order i use these products in and how i do my makeup. also giving my review on why i love them so.

1. Rose Floral Toner | Fresh

The first thing i do when I get out of the shower is spritz this lovely rose water toner all over my face. it's super light weight and hydrating. I love the way it makes my skin feel. I let that soak into my skin before I move on.

2. the water cream | tatcha

this cream is a saviour. I'm literally on my fourth one. It does last a long time but it is a pricey item. the combination of this moisturizer and the rose water toner feel so rejuvenating. 

3. Hangover Face primer | too faced

Again with the hydration. this product has coconut water which is amazing for hydrating your skin. this primer is not too sticky either! i've been using it for a few years now and has never failed me.

4. Fit me foundatoin | maybelline

once my face has soaked in all the good stuff I start off with my foundation. another long time favourite of mine. the Maybelline fit me foundation is a medium coverage foundation and it is buildable. I love how light it is with its runny consistency making it very movable on the face. I use the shade 220 in matte + poreless. I put some product on the top of my hand and then space the product out with my finger onto my face.  I use my damp beauty sponge to apply the foundation. 

shade: 220 | matte + poreless

4.5. Jelly beam illuminator | farcali

I use this product when i want a little more glow and glam to my look. I usually mis this into my foundation and apply at the same time. you can also use this as a highlighter or whatever really! anywhere you want to illuminate.

5. INstant age rewind concealer | Maybelline

i've tried different concealers and also end up going back to this baby. it's an easy application and doesn't dry me out as some concealers can do. again everyones skin is different. I typically just put this product under my eyes to brighten and conceal. the odd time i will find other spots to apply like if I have a blemish or spot to cover. again i use my damp beauty blender to blend it all out.

shade: neutralizer 

6. Translucent powder | laura mercier 

I've only somewhat recently got into using a translucent setting powder. I use to the use the one by maybelline to match my foundation colour. I just wanted to try something different. I started off with a sephora brand translucent powder and then finally copped the Laura mercier one (which is pricey but again it latests a long time). I love using big, fluffy brushes so use the 130 large powder brush by make up for ever to apply. 

7. Chocolate soleil bronzer | too faced

my newest product in the lineup. i love using bronzers with cacao in them. the smell is super yummy and i just love the way they apply. i used to use the bronzer part of the Tartiest pro glow palette but sadly it's all finished. the ladies at sephora helped me find a similar solo product. I use the bronze and contour brush by tarte cosmetics to apply my bronzer. I like to apply it around my hair line on my forehead, down my temples to just under my cheek bones, and my jaw line. I just want to bring back some colour to my face.

shade: medium/deep | matte

8. Tartiest pro glow palette | tarte cosmetics

these highlighters are so cute. four different shades to use ontheir own or mix and match. I don't wear highlighter everyday but when i do i feel like a goddess. I typically apply my highlighter on y cheek bones, tip of my nose and my cupids bow. I use the same brush as I do for my bronzer ( it's duel ended so i use the narrow part of the brush). 

9. Brow wiz | anastasia beverly hills

you cannot forget about the brows. even on the days when i don't wear any make up, i still pencil in my eye brows. i enjoy the full, slightly bushy look. I feel like your brows shape your face. the applicator on this brow pencil is super easy to use and is so precise. i usually brush my brows out, pencil them in, and them use the brush again to blend the product. 

shade: medium brown

10. Great Lash | maybelline

I actually use this product to set my brows. it's a clear gel meant for either eyelashes or eyebrows. I simply just brush the product on my brows.

shade: clear

11. infallible pro-spray & set | maybelline

 i don't know what i did without setting spray. I actually really helps keep my makeup intact. just simply spray the product all over your face.



I hope you enjoyed my little step by step process on my everyday makeup routine. stay tuned for a youtube video where you can see more of how i do my makeup!

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