Tattoo #8

Tattoo #8

Done by Christine Pexin  at Chronic Ink Tattoo shop toronto

chronic ink has been on my list. it's a very reputable tattoo shop in toronto with 3 different locations, numerous artists and countless awards. with there being so many artists, there is someone their for you. My mom and I have been wanting to get something done together for a awhile now and I happen to see this gorgeous piece of Christine on her instagram and i fell in love. we were really lucky actually. I was expecting to wait months for an appointment but she wanted to get this design done and got us in within a month of our consultation! Super lucky for us.


| why this desgin? |

honestly, i just thought it was beautiful. I was truly looking for something unique. something with a flower, since my mom was also getting a flower tattoo. I adore peonies and their symbolic reference to the Asian culture. i loved the asymmetric design of the simple mandala in the top corner over my shoulder and the chandler of lines and pearls draping down the sides and bottom. 

Other than that, i just thought it was a beautiful piece of art that would love to display on my body.  


| experience |

Chronic ink was by far the best tattoo shop i've ever been to and I highly, highly recommend them. super friendly! we both received a welcoming hug from christine which is pretty dope. the shop kept in great contact with me for updates on our appointment and any questions i had. the atmosphere of their tattoo shop was also very different from others i've been too. very clean, very open and bright yet still classic to chronic ink.


| Pricing |

like most things in life, you do get what you pay for. chronic ink pricing can be pricey but you get great customer service and amenities along with it. christine's rate was $160/hr. 

| How long did it take? |

this is by far my biggest tattoo. it took about 3.5 hours to complete. 

| I'm sold...i want a tattoo now |

they are super easy to get a hold of. best ways are through email, phone or walk in. i even contacted them through instagram and they redirected me to email them. they seem to have a hug team working to keep this going. 

do your research! visit their website for their different artists and styles they do. since they do have 3 different locations, that may differ for different people.

Look them up on social media! that's why it's there. go check out their instagram page, look up reviews on them to see if they are right for you! even if you don't know exactly who you want but know what design and style you want, the chronic ink team can help you find your perfect match. be patient when contacting them. they are a big team and probably have hundreds or people contacting them on a daily. it took them a day and abut to get back to me at first. they will get to you! 

| Locations |

252 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto


7381 kennedy road, markham

378 Young Street, Second Floor, Toronto

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