New Years Resolutions

a continuation from my last post, i'd like to elaborate on my 2018 new years resolutions. not only i hope to inspire you guys but as well i should write them down somewhere so i can remember lol. I've decided to split them up into 3 categories: mind, body and soul.


  1. Meditation | i want to take just a few minutes and zone out. i believe meditation can help in you many ways. just taking a moment to clear my head feels like something i need to do.

  2. doing more crafts | i really enjoy being creative. a huge craft i'm working on right now is my bedroom wall! I'm painting a massive lotus mandala with other symbols to go along with it. it's been a work in progress but i do it when it feels right.  

  3. cooking more | as you can probably tell,  i love to cook. i just want to do so more and more.

  4. staying organized | i'm already a very organized person. as i get older i'm getting more responsibilities on bills and just life in general. I've come to the conclusion that my computer calendar is my new friend and will be using it to sort out my life. 

  5. saving money | i just need to get more saving done.

  6. paying off my credit cards | It's so easy to get carried away. just my goal is to have them paid off before year end.

  7. grow on my blog | i really want to start taking more photos of myself for my posts and also do more fashion related posts. it's such a satisfying feeling when i accomplish these things.


  1. yoga | getting back into yoga is a must. i need to do some sort of exercise in my life and what i enjoy the most is yoga. massaging my mussels while strengthening my body and mind. 

  2. soaking my feet | i need to force myself to soak my feet more after work. being on my feet all day is not fun and has hurt my body in many small ways. a short soak and mini massage is much needed for me.

  3. going for a full body massage | and speaking of massages, i need to go more regularly. it will help with my mind as well. getting that relaxation in your life is key to me.

  4. changing my eating habits | that's a good way of putting it. i really enjoy eating but one thing i want to get rid of on my body is my tummy. i don't intend to have a 6 pack, i just want it relatively flat an healthy. I will push myself to eat better and portion less.


  1. travel more | my next destination i want to be hot. i need some sun and salty water. ideally i would love to go somewhere I haven't already been but we shall see. even going on a trip with a friend would be amazing!

  2. enjoy life | not that i don't already do this but I want to stay on top of it! not sweating the small stuff. not letting mean comments or negative talk interfere with my mind. just be happy and smile.

  3. letting go | i would already consider myself a laid back person but just being more of a free spirit is a thing i admire.

and there you have it! what are your goal for this year? and have you actually ever fully accomplished any? i honestly couldn't even tell you if i have. this is also that first time i actually made a list for myself so we shall see together. I'll check back with you in decemeber or january of next year to see how well i did! also just simply following my blog will show if i've done so. cheers to 2018!



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