2017 Rewind

happy new year eveyone! It’s been an amazing year. Filled with growth and love. I’ve traveled twice - to places I’d never thought I’d make it to. I’ve grown with my blog and have learned a lot while creating it. 

here i want to share my top 5 highlights of 2017

  1. i got 2 tattoos...and i plan on getting more! My first of 2017 was a quote on my back saying 'be you, love you. all ways, always.' - alex elle  the 2nd was a custom mystical lotus design on my lower calf. I was super stocked to get this one.

  2. my first trip of 2017 didn't happen until may and it was to aruba! what an exotic island. dessert and tropics. super windy and hot as hell.

  3. my second destination was to a country i never really thought of going to so soon was Iceland.  by far one of my favourite trips of life and i'm defiantly going back one day.

  4. me being a foodie, i had to try this one out. i ate black ice cream! how cool is that?! It didn't taste very different but it made for a cool photo.

  5. my final thought for 2017 was that it was just simply a great year for me. it was fun. it was exciting. i grew. i learned. i was happy. and that's what matters to me. i feel 2018 is going to be that much better!

so what do i have in-store for 2018? well i'll be turning 25! (i feel old saying that although i shouldn't).  i want to kick my own butt and eat more healthy and portion less. i want to get back into yoga. i want to explore my city more! try new restaurants, so to more events. i want to get another tattoo...which may be happening soon. I want to travel again! i want to find the perfect pair of all black running shoes souly for fashion lol. I want to do so many things and i feel that i can do them this year. i know i can.

i wish you all the best or 2018 everyone! thank you for continuing to visit my blog. i urge you to give feed back and suggestions. I'd love to hear what you'd like me to post.

cheers and a happy new year xo.

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