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Whoever you are, whatever you're going through, and however you're feeling - I'm sending good JuJu your way. 

What I'm Wearing

Tranquility OmOm is the sound of the universe, the hum that existed before all the noise. It represents the past, the present and the future. It reminds you to surrender and let go.

Protection CronoThe corno (horn in Italian) is a popular amulet for protection. It is believed to safe-guard the wearer from bad omens and the evil eye.

*info. taken from the juju supply site*

Sending Good JUJU

I was their first international order! I was so honoured to hear that news. I got the sweetest personal letter along with my package, apologizing for the deplay of delivery when It actually didn't take long at all. Their site is full of positivity and good vibes. 

Wearing a simple pendant that represents you or something you believe in feels complete. It's close to your body and heart and it's with you wherever you go. I got the Protection Crono charm because I thought it was different. It's there to protect me from the negativity that may come my way. THe Tranquility Om charm is a classic yet still always unique. The om symbol has become extremely popular amongst many people these days. Personally, I'm not entirely a spiritual person in any sort of way but I very much enjoy the idea of behind it and want to learn more about it. It seems like such a calming way of learning and living life.  


Always Growing

I defiantly want to add to my collection. The Juju ring  is one I will be purchasing soon. Simple yet huge. It's like giving a big huge to the world.

Go check out their collection! Caring this goof juju around with you will make you feel...well, you'll see.

Aruba • 2017

Aruba • 2017

Creamy Curry Shrimp Taco's

Creamy Curry Shrimp Taco's