Creamy Smoked Salmon Bagel with a Poached Egg

Creamy Smoked Salmon Bagel with a Poached Egg

Creamy meets fresh meets savory

I have to thank Instagram for many of my food inspirations. This one was inspired by @init4thelongrunblog

This dish has a toasty bottom smeared with cream cheese and avocado. A colour pop appears when you add the smoked salmon and a soft poached egg. All you need to cook in this dish is the egg! everything else is prep work.

This felt very satisfying to put together. It's elegant and delicate.

| what you need |


Cream Cheese


Smoked Salmon

Alfalfa Sprouts

1 Egg

| What to do |

Toast your Bagel and smear cream cheese and avocado on. I made sure my Avocado was very soft so it ws easier to spread. 

Place your smoked salmon and alfalfa sprouts to your liking.

Then top it off with your poached egg! It's that simple!

| Pouching an Egg |

Bring a pot of water with a few dashed of white vinegar to a boil. Have your egg ready in my bowl. When your water is boiling, swirl it creating a vortex. Quickly let carefully place your egg in the water. Let it cook for about 2 minutes for a soft poached egg. 

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