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Wellness Close By

Wellness Close By

by now you should know i'm obsessed with the company Saje Wellness. I love what they stand for, I love their products, I love the environment of their stores. Being a part of the Saje community has broadened my knowledge on natural Wellness. They have made me want to fill my room with natural smelling scents and nurish and treat my body in a calming way. now with a new product, i am able to carry around my favourite scent while enjoying the loving powers of the rose qaurtz crystal. 


  | choosing your scent |

I'm getting more and more into using natural products. they are so calming and pretty. being able to hold my pure essentials close to my heart is special to me. I choose to use the Saje scent 'yoga'. Yoga is by far my favourite scent. I have the oils and purfum roller balls. The scent feels like me and carrying it around makes me feel so happy.

choose whichever scents suits you or your needs! I will defiantly will be using peppermint for when I have a headache and eucalyptus for when I am sick. It's your body and your needs so do what you please. 



this product was only available for a limited time but not to worry. If you're loving the idea of this necklace, saje still offers an aromatherapy necklace in unique sterling silver cage designs. same idea just a different design.

this beauty came in 2 colours, rose quartz and clear crystal.

How to use


slide the infused pad into your crystal necklace

Seal the top and breath deeply

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