Love In My Language - Alex Elle

Love In My Language - Alex Elle

This is by far one of the best books I have ever read.

The Love in You

Please keep in mind that no one can love you as much as you do. If you fall in love with yourself first, flaws and all, you will be able to exude beauty, kindness, and love to others. There are too many instances where we expect to find our love in someone else. Look inside yourself for adoration, confidence and esteem. You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.

Where do I begin. I guess I’ll start off by how I found the author, Alexandra Elle. I found her on Instagram. I remember seeing a picture of her and her hubby on the search page of Instagram. I guess they thought I’d like her picture. They were right. So I started to follow her account and left it at that. 

A little while later, I saw she posted about a relaunch of her book Love In My Language. The minimalistic cover art is what attracted me. An all white, matte cover. I loved it. I made my way over to her website and fell in love. I fell in love with her words that I have not yet read. I saw she was a poet. Beauty right there. I’m currently in love with her style of poetry. I ended up buying two copies of her second book. 




You just need to read it. The words feel so real. So powerful. So loving. So strong. 

She talks of herself, her past loves, her current loves, and YOU. She reminds you of certain things. 

Gentle Reminder #2

We owe ourselves a chance to try. Practice standing still and receiving the love that’s being prepared for you. We can’t get the love we want by running after it. Let love come to you.

I can’t even find the words to describe how I feel about this book and this author. She's amazing. Beautiful. Her words capture you in a special way. Allowing you to see beauty and love in her words and in your own mind. 

You just have to read it. Embrace it. Feel it. 

Some poems are long and some are short. The short ones are sometimes the most powerful ones. I shed a tear within to first few pages. It was beauty. 

I you enjoy reading words of love then you should defiantly pick this one up. You'll love it regardless.


Now a little special message from another fellow reader of this amazing piece. . .

To love is to love different, to understand the many different perceptions, ideas, feelings, and moments that surrounds us.  Alex has captured the vivid motions that has captured this undefined definition of love.  From her father not being there, to understanding the idea of him not being there, finding new love for her baby girl, and to finding her inner self to allow the love that she has deep within her heart for herself, and in the end being able to share it with the man she loves most.  We dream as children about a vision that is perfect, and the success behind the idea has us consumed to relish with the fact we want complete and utter happiness.  

"I was made to love you, I was made to love you period."

This resonates with me as I journey through her words finding piece of mind and coming to peace at mind.

Thank you for the inspiration.

- K.W.-


it reminded me so much of my good friend Kevin Wright. Kevo is a fellow reader of this poetic book and as well as a writer himself. Getting a quick caption of his thoughts was important to emphasize this post to my fellow readers. Kevo, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. A short message yet deep in meaning just as Alex writes. 


'The Love in You', 'Belong', and 'Gentle Reminder #2' are all quotes from Love in my Language by Alex Elle.

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