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Summer Skin Care • Face

Summer Skin Care • Face

I just wanted to quickly share my simple skin care routine. I've been loving the way my skin has been feeling this summer. We've been blessed with amazing weather where I'm able to get the vitamin D from the sun and of course that sun kissed glow. 

I still, and probably always will, have that slight redness to my skin. All good though. It's like a natural blush. 

I still get the odd pimple here and there. Either from touching my face way too much at work (which I am doing very well on, not touching I mean) or from what I eat. I've cut back a lot on fast food but I'll admit I still grab it for connivence and it's yummy. Also there's the casual hormonal pimple that comes out but it's usually just one at a time. 


In the shower I use three products • St. Ives Black Head Scrub and Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub • The Body Shops Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. 

I start by using the black head scrub. I like to apply this only where my skin is more prone to black heads like my nose to my cheeks and chin. I literally let that product sit on my skin so it can work it's magic as I continue in the shower. When I'm doing cleansing the rest of my body, I rinse that scrub off and apply the pink lemon & mandarine orange scrub all over my face; exfoliating my skin gently. This on smells amazing by the same. I love citrus smells. Both of these products are a bit abrasive so be gentle when applying them. My last step is using the tea tree oil. I've been using this product for so many years now. It feels so clean and fresh on the skin. It foams up as you apply it. I even bring it down my neck and behind my ears. I like to rinse my face under lukewarm water. Nothing too hot but not freezing cold either. I want my face to feel refreshed.

My skin type is a mix of being oily and dry at times. When I get out of the shower I can feel my skin getting tight. That's when I use my TARTE Drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer combined with my Marc Jacobs Under (cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer. I’ve been using a gel based moisturizer for a while now because I’ve just learned that these types of moisturizers are better for dry skin. You may remember my TARTE moisturizer from a post I did back in April. I'm still using the same one! A little goes a long way. Products with coconut in them are hydrating and that's what my skin needs. This product is not gel based but it’s a thin cream which I find works for my skin. 

I like to apply the TARTE moisturizer first. I take a little on my fingers and pat it on my skin. Once that dries I go in with Marc Jacobs coconut primer. One pump of this is all I need. I like the focus on applying this to my temples, my third eye area and my under eye but still applying it all over my face. 

I’ve been leaving my face at that! When I can, I try not to wear makeup. Letting my skin breath during the day feels amazing. I’ve only been applying makeup to go to work really. 

I am no expert in doing skin care at all. I’ve just really educated myself by researching and by trial and error of products. These products may not work for you. I’ve had bad reactions to products before and it’s annoying. 

I’ve come to find that my skin loves gel moisturizers instead of cream ones. And that coconut primers have been a saviour. Also I’ve used it on it’s own! I used to have the TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. Also having coconut in it. This one had a lovely sent to it. The Marc Jacobs one to me smells like nothing. I’ll probably end up going back to the TOO FACED brand next time around. 

All of these products are great! I would tell you the truth if one of them never worked for me or if I’ve ever had a reaction to it. I will say that with the TARTE moisturizer; it’s as if my skin had to get used to it. Nothing horrible happened but I’ve never used something so fragrant before. It now works wanders.

Give them a try!

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