Breaky Smoothie

Breaky Smoothie

Lately my appetite is not the biggest in the mornings. Sometimes it’s massive and I literally would eat a left over steak or pizza LOL. On a more healthier note, I’ve been doing smoothies in the mornings. I call it my Breaky Smoothie to be cute.

Smoothies are endless. You can load them up with what ever you’d like. It’s a fun, easy and colourful way to eat your fruits and veggies ;)

Here’s mine!

| What you need |

1 Banana

Homo. Milk

Vanilla Yogurt

Natural Peanut Butter

Cuban Honey

Quick Oats

| What do you do |

Notice there are no measurements beside my ingredients. I literally just throw everything in the blender! You can make it however thick or thin you’d like. 

I must admit, some of my ingredients are “healthy” and others could be better. 


  • Banana: A banana is a banana. Sometimes we have organic bananas in our house. 

  • Natural Peanut Butter: From the Compliments brand, this peanut butter is 100% natural. Although the package says it’s “smooth,” it does feel a bit grainy but not chunky. The taste of natural peanut butter is very different from your regular peanut butter as there is NO SUGAR or SALT added. Amazing right?!

  • Cuban Honey: Well. . .I can’t see anything bad about this honey. 

  • Quick Oats: President’s Choice Organics brand has amazing quick oats. Great for smoothies, baking and cooking. It’s also a great source a fibre!

Could Be Better

  • Homo. Milk: Not that I don’t like other types of milk but I like how it’s thick and therefore makes my smoothies the consistency I enjoy. Other alternatives I could use is 1% or 2% milk and Almond Milk (also for a different flavour). Let me know if you’ve tried a milk with a different flavour and how did it turn out?

  • Vanilla Yogurt: Yogurt in general is good for you. This is just a random yogurt I had in my fridge. Sometimes we have greek yogurt and ones with a lower percentage to it. The lower the percentage, the less fat. I enjoy using the greek yogurt again because it gives my smoothie a thicker consistency. Of course if you’d like to go even more healthier with your yogurt choice, get organic yogurt. I’ve personally tried the Liberté Organic yogurt before and it’s not to bad! You could also opt for the plain flavoured yogurt.

Now go and enjoy this yummy smoothie! 

Note: One thing I’ve learned when choosing healthy ingredients is to look at the ingredients list on the package. The Compliments natural peanut butter I used lists only ‘peanuts’ and the PC Organic quick oats lists ‘organic rolled oats.’ If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, do your best to find an alternative.  

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