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Try out this yummy, simple snack! It’s Bruschetta time baby!

    I absolutely love Bruschetta. It’s refreshing, light and flavourful. Let’s not forget colourful. It’s great as an appetizer, hors d’oeuvre or snack. When I have it as an appetizer, I usually follow with some sort of pasta as my entrée. I find it just flows with the meal. When using Bruschetta as a hors d’oeuvre, I find that a cheese and cold cut platter is a good accompaniment. Same idea goes for a snack but of course it’s simply amazing on it’s own.

    My recipe is very basic. I literally just though everything together in a bowl, garlic up some bread and serve it on that. I always garnish with parmesan cheese… let’s not forget the cheese.

| What you need |

Fresh Tomatoes

Red Onion

Fresh Garlic

Parsley or Basil Flakes

Olive Oil


French Loaf

Garlic Butter


Parmesan Cheese

Balsamic Glaze (not shown in pics)

TARTE ∙ Rainforest of the Sea

TARTE ∙ Rainforest of the Sea

Breaky Smoothie

Breaky Smoothie