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My Wellness Bar

Natural wellness has become a big part of my bed side routine. I had to make sure all of my favourite remedies are close by and displayed in the cutest way possible. *Not sponsored by Saje Wellness. I just truly enjoy their products and want to share them with everyone.

What's in my Yoga Bag

I’ve recently joined the gym again for like the 3rd time. I really wanted to get back into yoga but couldn’t quit find a yoga studio around me that I loved. I remembered the classes at Good Life Fitness and loving them. They have multiple locations with different class times and variations. I’ve also started doing Hot Yoga as well!

How To: Packing for Iceland

Packing for a colder climate can be tough. I know for myself I've never had to pack for one. I'm so used to packing for a tropical climate that I had no idea what to do for this trip. The trip is...I packed as if I was at home! I'm not one to change up my outfits every single day so I didn't pack much.


Having a fur baby is amazing. It's healthy, it's calming, and you feel amazing to have rescued an animal. Giving them a new home feels so right. I'm so thankful to have my girl Daisy by my side.

The Water Cream

My new favourite skin care brand. Tatcha is Japanese brand so I feel like it was made for my skin. This water cream does wanders for my face. Literally all you need is a pea drop size of cream  and you're golden. Not to mention the packaging is on point! With that little golden's pretty perfect.