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Mindful. Grounded. Balance.

I swear I could spend all day in a Saje store. it always smells amazing. It's so calming and I'm always finding something new in there. I'll admit it can get pricey so I have to be carful not to go too crazy when buying everything I like.

THis beauty is actually a repurchase of mine. My last one unfortunately didn't last till the very end as it dropped on me and broke. Sad I know but I loved it too much to not have it part of my collection. It's not as strong smelling as regular perfumes. I still love those as well but sometimes you want to swtich it up a bit. It is an all natural perfume so the scent is way more mellow. It smells like how my body should smell...if that even makes sence...literally a natural smell. 


| the scent |

yoga has a scent of earthy, sweet and foral vibes. How perfect. If Yoga had a scent...this would be it. Every scent eventually smells different on everyone. This scent doesn't change too much for me. It makes me smell like i've been in a room full of inscents all day.

| The Packaging |

Firstly, it comes in a super cute minimal white box with a purple tassel and rose gold accents. The rollerball itself comes in a soft, small bag with a grey and white marble desgin and purple tassels. perfect to perfect it when you travel. THe perfume is held in a 10 ml brown tinted glass case. Essential oils need a darker casing so they can last longer. the tip of the rollerballs are very cool. every scent has a different colour gemstone and Yoga happens to have a touch of Amethyst. Amethyst is used in meditation and is said to bring great wisdom and awareness to the body. It also happens to be my birth stone and if that has anything to do with me choosing this scent...I don't know.


| Other scents & Where to find them |

Goddess - Tantra - Shanthi - Ananda

I really wanna try goddess as that's one of my favourite scents. All 5 scnets actually come in a mini pack!

All of these scents are available exclusively at Saje natural wellness stores and online.

Playing with Clay

Playing with Clay

Ihalo Krunch

Ihalo Krunch