Super Salad

Super Salad

You can put whatever you want in your salads. i swear everything can somehow be incorporated into a salad these days. It's all about what You like, how are you as a person. making your salad is endless. 

I recently found this new dressing that I absolutely love and I had to share it with you guys. I made my sald based on the dressing; whatever I though would complement the dressing. The dressing I found is a lemon Garlic Vinaigrette from Farm Boy (a local grocery store). So light and so full of lemon flavour. I enjoy lighter dressing myself. I usually go for a basic olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzle. I wanted to switch it up and try something new. 


| Building your salad |

Like I said above, your salad can have whatever you want in it. there is no right or wrong.

[🌱 = what i used]

- everything else listed is just ideas to get your brain working -

start off with a base ⇢ greens like Kale🌱 / lettuce, quinuo, rice🌱, etc.

Choose some veggies ⇢ onion / green onion🌱, mushroom, cucumber, tomato, garlic🌱, carrot, beets🌱

try picking some fruits ⇢ strawberry, blueberry🌱, oranges, avocado🌱, banana, raspbarry

to make it more filling, add a protein ⇢ chicken🌱, fish, beef, nuts / beans / seeds

what's your drizzle ⇢ pick a dressing of course


| What I did |

base ⇢ my base was a kale salad mix. I got it from farm boy as well. It obviously has kale in it, corn, and brown rice. only $4.99 for a bix that can last me a week for lunch!

veggies ⇢ I love to sauteé onions and garlic and that's exactly what I did. It also adds in a warm feeling to the salad which I enjoy. another new found love is pickled beets. Again, it adds that tangly flavour into my salad. I party in my mouth. Then I garnish my salad with green onion or chives.

fruit ⇢ Blueberries happen to be on sale but I could honestly go for any fruit on my salad. THe fruit being cold adds a lovly contrast with the hot ingredients above and what's about to come. Also I had to include my avocado of course. WHat's a meal without avocado. 

Protein ⇢ MY protein of choice for this salad was chicken. I seasoned it to my liking, panfried it along with the garlic and onions. Again, I could go with any type of meat in my salad. I like salads to fill me up because I'm a girl who loooooves to eat a lot.

 dressing ⇢ my new found love, lemon garlic vinaigrette

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