The Water Cream

The Water Cream

"Beauty for a lifetime"

I cannot express how much I love this cream and how fast I fell in love with it. after hearing my beauty gurus talk about this product and grabbing my own sample at sephora, I couldn't wait much longer...I hand to get my hands on it. My skin has been on my good side recently and part of it has to do with not wearing any makeup for probably a good mounth now. another is a good moisturizer; one that doesn't irritate my skin, lightweight, and hydrating to th max! I need hydration and something that's not too fragrant. I love the smell of all this fragrant but it doesn't always agree with my skin.

So I decided to invest in this moisturizer. I decided to purchase The water cream by Tatcha. Be aware that it is pricey (compared to any other drug store brand that you may be used to and for what I'm used to so for that matter). I decied to go for it!

| Why I love this cream |

My new treasure sits right here on my vanity. front and centre where that light shines right on it. It's such a beatuy on it's own. The colour, the shapem the pops of looks so delicate.

So why choose this moisturizer over any other? Well when it comes to this question, to me it's personal preference. Everyone's skin is different and there's thousands of products out there! I did my research and besides that price, I thought this might be a cream that could really help my skin. Obviously the price didn't totally stop me. Like I said above and I've also said it before, you get what you pay for. 

This cream is light weight, has a light scent, and a little goes a long way.


| The Benefits |

I wanted a cream that could help with my dry skin, and also help clear it up of my blemishes. This cream does that and more. I also helps with anti-aging.

Tatcha has been highly influenced by Japanese beauty. Hadasei-3™ helps with the anti-aging which is filled with green tea, rice & algea; leaving the skin youthful and radiant. 

The Japanese Water Rose tightens porse and smooths that skin while the Japanese Leopard Lilly helps control excess oil and clarifies the skin.


| How to use |

You see that cute gold spoon? Use that to grab a pea size of cream and apply it to your face and neck. That's all you need! Seriously! I love it when a little goes a long way. I feel like a can prolong the life of my product. It's obviously not wasting your product if you keep applying it but I like to use as little as possible so that my product can last me a while.

 also love that it comes with an applicator. It's more hygienic than using your finger to get the cream and then apply it on your face. Your face is a sensitive space and should be treated carefully.


| who it for? |

Almost everyone! It's great for people with normal to oily skin. it's Non-comedogenic, Non-irritating, Non-sensitizing.

| Where can I get it? |

The easiest way for us Canadian's is to go to your nearest Sephora store or You can also order it on the Tatcha website of course. 

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