Iceland • 2017

Iceland • 2017

by far one of my all time favourite places i've been. Iceland is such a quiet, lovely country. Full of geography, history, and beauty. The first thing I loved was the purity of the air. to breath in that chilly air was indeed refreshing. I can't get over the natural terrain of the country. there is too much to see in such little time. it truley is breath taking. I can only let my pictures and words speak for themselves in this post; I strongly suggest you go visit Iceland for yourself. 

BEING OUR FIRST TIME TO ICELAND, WE DECIDED TO GET AN AIR BNB AND RESIDE IN THE COUNTRY CAPITAL OF REYKJAVÍC. WITH THAT BEING SAID, ALL OF THE EXCURSIONS WE DID WE HAD TO DRIVE A DISTANCE TO. Yes we rented a car. I loved this because we were able to go at our own pace. ANOTHER OPTION IS DRIVING AROUND COUNTRY FOR THE TIME YOU'RE THERE AND camp road side as you go. I'll be doing this next time so I can see even more of Iceland.

So instead of doing a day by day deal with this blog post, I wanted to lay it out a bit differently - Places we went, what to bring, share where we stayed, etc. I hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful for you.



| Grótta LightHouse | 


JUst a short drive from downtown reykjavik. a calm and perfectly scenic attraction to start off our trip. You see the snowy mountains, the icy ocean, and a taste of historic Iceland. with the lighthouse being on a peninsula, kinda of excluding it'self from the city light, this is the best spot to catch the Aurora. we were able to catch a glimsp of the northern lights on our 4th night in Iceland. a beautiful sight to see. 



| Seljalandsfoss Waterfall |


the prettiest waterfall we saw. falling from 200 ft. above you; a glorious mist fills the air. the best part is that you can walk behind the waterfall! An even more amazing sight to see. you can feel the power of the water. You get soaked but it's worth the walk. 

IMG_4398 2.JPG
IMG_4394 3.JPG


| Skogafoss Waterfall |

IMG_4396 2.JPG

Not many pictures from this waterfall. this was our original destination for that day but we had first ended up at Seljalandsfoss waterfall. way more packed with tourists. but it also had a few restaurants and other buildings to visit.  



| Gulfoss Waterfall |


a pure beast. by the time we got to gulfoss waterfall it was getting dark. but the drive to see it was so worth it.



| Seltún Hot Springs |

Such an amazing sight to see. a weird force of nature. it felt like we were on another planet. the smell of sulfer, the boiling water, and the colour of the sand. just an awing sight. 

p.s. make the trip up the hill to get an amazing view.



| Icelandic Horses |

Many horses and sheep. The sheep were always too far away to capture a short but we found some horses just beyond their fence and we had to stop. such long hair and stocky bodies.  


| Reykjadalur Hot Springs|

probably my favourite adventure we did here in iceland. a 3 km hike up hill is tough but well worth it in the end. after walking 3 km you go through a cloud of steam and the hot spring river is reviled. such a natural site to see.  


we started off in the middle of the river. it was such a relaxing moment. the water was as if you were taking a very hot bath. we soon found out that the farther you go up stream, the hotter the water gets. so of course we tried it out and my oh my is it ever hot! Like hot tub hot! not bubbling but it feels so nice. next to ice cold weather all around you yet you're perfectly fine in your bathing suit in the river.


| Downtown Reykjavik |


didn't take many pictures downtown. I just wanted to enjoy the scene. such a cute and quiet city! 


the national food of iceland is the hot dog so of course we had to get it since it was so simple and delicious! the kicker was the crispy onions.


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Meraki Body Oil

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