Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport

38 mm Rose Gold Aluminium Case with Lavender Sport Band

 A piece of technology that is still beyond me in many ways. I received this beauty as a gift at Christmas and I still don’t know it’s fully capability. It’s stylish, smart, quick and effective. It’s the Apple watch.


  • Rose Gold anodized aluminum case

  • Ion-X glass

  • Retina display with Force Touch

  • Composite back

  • Digital Crown

  • Heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope

  • Ambient light sensor

  • Speaker and microphone

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • Up to 18 hours of battery life

  • Water resistant

  • WatchOS 2

I love my Apple watch. I’ve had fun exploring what it can do and like I said above, I still don’t know it’s full potential. It tracks your steps and heart rate, it tells you to stand up (LOL), the weather, the time (duh), calendar, maps, email, phone, text…it’s everything your iPhone can do. Yes you do essentially need the iPhone for the watch to be fully functional as it uses bluetooth to connect to it. I’ve had phone conversations from my watch and sent texts. I’ve also downloaded a few extra apps such as Starbucks, Scotiabank, Twitter and Instagram. I think you can even pay from your watch, like scan a bar code…see that’s a thing that’s beyond me. I haven’t quit gone that far yet.

Needless to say the Apple watch is pricey. But it’s essentially an extension of your phone and it can do whatever your phone can do. If you can afford it, I personally think it’s a pretty cool thing to have. It’s a great gift idea. Honestly…no one really NEEDS the Apple watch. It’s a major luxury and that’s why I say if you can afford it…why not have this fun little toy. Add it to your watch collection.

The Apple watch comes in different sizes and many different colours. Yes it is a different style but I think it puts a sporty look to any outfit. The different colours help and with the interchangeable watch bands make it universal to wear to any occasion. My watch comes with the lavender band (not shown in the photos). I eventually got the antique white one (which is shown in the pics) to switch it up sometimes. White goes with everything.

Enjoy the watch and I hope you enjoy my review.

Apple Watch

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