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炒 ∙ Chäo ∙ Stir Fry

炒 ∙ Chäo ∙ Stir Fry


Fry (meat, fish, or vegetables) rapidly over a high heat while stirring briskly

A quick and easy dinner that I prepared for myself recently. The term stir frying is of Chinese origin and means cooking rapidly over high heat. Mind you, there are different types of stir frying techniques: Chäo technique (similar to the western technique of sautéing), Wok Hei (wok thermal radiation) and Bao technique (stir frying on a high flame - purpose is to highlight natural tastes)

So your stir fry can literally be just veggies, or meat, or a combination of both. My stir fry happens to consist of chicken and different veggies I had laying around in my fridge. I chose to lay it on a bed a rice to give myself more food…and because ya girl loves rice and needs it in her life always.


| What you need |

Chicken Breast (pre sliced)





Red Bell Pepper

Garlic Powder

All Purpose Seasoning

Chicken Seasoning

Fresh Ground Black Pepper

White Wine

Lemon & Lime Juice

Garlic Butter

VH: Honey Garlic

*can you tell I like garlic?

| What do you do |

I started of by cooking my rice. I have a rice cooker (of course). So I just rinsed the rice a few times and let it cook away. 

I then pre chopped all of my veggies. and threw it into a bowl to set a side.

I then sliced my (pre sliced) chicken breast into smaller pieces and immediately started to cook it. In the pan I had a little bit of oil and the garlic butter for flavour.

Once the chicken was almost done cooking, I added in my veggies and the white wine, lemon and lime juice. Then I sprinkled in my different seasonings: garlic powder, all purpose and chicken seasoning, and black pepper.  

Sautéing the veggies didn’t take long at all. I just wanted to make sure my chicken was cooked all the way first before I added in my honey garlic sauce.

Once the sauce is added, I just let it simmer for a little bit to warm up the sauce. Once it’s warm, it’s ready for plating and enjoyment!

P.S. If you’re proper, eat stir fry with chop sticks

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Chicken Linguine

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