The Smell of Me

The Smell of Me

A really good perfume is essential for me. As luxurious as it can be with the smell, ingredients and price, I always enjoy wearing SOMETHING. I'll wearing my scents when I'm working, a night out, or even lounging around the house and want to feel pretty. And that's what I believe is a purpose of perfume. You should feel pretty in what you wear...even if your naked with that perfect scent...yummy am I right?

To me, smelling the perfect scent on myself or someone else is a major turn on. Everyone has their own scent, or certain scents they are attracted to. As you can see from my photos of my 4 favourites, they are ALL SO DIFFERENT! They range from masculine & unisex scents, fresh & floral, and simply luxurious scents overall. I have many other perfumes believe me. All of them are different and unique. For me I try not to get too of a similar scent from what I already have when I go shopping. There is a lot that attracts me or that simply smells good to me but I won't buy EVERY scent I like. I do choose wisely. Perfume is or can be expensive. 



white pepper|Juicy tangelo|fresh peony petals

This is the all time unique scent of this brand. It's a major attraction to me. I've always enjoyed inhaling this scent in the stores. It's feminine with  touch of masculinity to me. It's a preppy smell with being effortless.

This is perfume no.1 by Abercrombie & fitch 

I remember starting off with the roller ball form of this perfume and finished it so fast. I then opted for the full bottle. Before I discovered this scent, I used to wear bUrberry London. A similar smell and I used it to the bone. Another option if you're interested.



Armoise|Amber|Haitian Vetiver|Gray Musk|Bourbon Vanilla

The name says it all. It's a cozy, warm, winter feeling. With fruity scents bring out the femininity, it also has a musky/woody scent which brings out it's masculine side. This just smells like a cozy night at home, being snowed in and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace. 

This is Wool by Commodity

Something Wild

Cedarwood|Vanilla Bean Madagascar

This is the most girly scent I've worn in a while. I won't lie, the bottle is what attracted to me to this collection. So clean. This scent is floral and sweet. It's not heavy and lingers on you all day long. 

This is Something Wild by Derek Lam 10 Crosby

A similar scent of mine is NIrvana White by Elizabeth and James

terracotta le parfum

bergamot|tiara flower|ylang ylang

This is literally sun in a bottle. a 30th anniversary edition to pay tribute to terracotta. It smells like summer and so luxurious. It smells like you belong on a nice beach, baking in the sun, and forever relaxing. THis is the newest edition to my collection. I know we're going into winter but I still like to smell like summer. This has a very womanly smell to it...almost posh like.

This is Terracotta le Parfum by Guerlain

I have other perfumes that just smell very bold, womanly and luxurious - Decadance by Marc Jacobs and Midnight Fluer by Nest (I'm in love with this one as well. I like to pair it with Nirvana white by Elizabeth and James.)


Cranberry Bliss

Cranberry Bliss