Ocean Breeze

I'm a wine lover. Doesn't matter the meal or the occasion. I'm most likely drinking a glass of fine wine. 

I can't take full credit for this recipe but I was the taste tester ;). If you're not that into wine OR you don't want to get too tipsy then you should try this out! It's basically ice, white wine, ginger ale and orange juice. That's it!

There is no real recipe to it. You can add whatever you want to it as long as it tastes good. Instead of ginger ale, you can add sprite or soda water. Orange juice can be replaced by cranberry juice. Get creative this summer and have fun! It's a great party drink too. Maybe even making mini sized ones to sample at a BBQ! There's an idea. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer with this beautiful drink by your side!

Cheers 🍷

Katrina Kobayashi