Tuna & Brie

One can forget how amazing a sandwich can be. So simple at times yet very tasty. I did my take on a tuna sandwich. It obviously needs to be loaded with stuff cause that's how I do.

| here's what you need |

Tuna - flaked and white

Red Onion



Garlic (yes I know...I love it though)

Mixed Greens

Brie Cheese


Fresh Bread

Ground Pepper

| Here's what to do |

For my tuna mix I simply drain the tuna of the water and put it in a bowl. I add in my ground pepper, some garlic and chopped celery. I mix that all together. 

In a small pan, I sautéed some mushrooms with garlic and set aside when done.

I then slice some brie cheese and avocado and also my bread loaf.

Now you can simple put everything together right now but I wanted to grill mine using a new cast iron pan I got. So I buttered one side of my bread and placed it on the hot pan. Then quickly, yet gently, I layered my sandwich. It doesn't matter really which order the items go on as long as what you like is there. So I layered my mixed greens, tuna mix, brie cheese, mushrooms and avocado. I then buttered my second slice of bread and placed it on top. 

It's tricky but I then flipped my sandwich and it was done in no time!  

Katrina Kobayashi