Hidden Gems

Pomegranates are an amazing source of vitamin C, K and an excellent source of dietary fibre. 

Eating them on their own is such a refreshing treat. Messy yet very yummy.

They are a native to the regions of Iran to northern India.

What a glorious fruit that holds a symbolic history:

In Ancient Egypt, Pomegranates were a symbol of prosperity and ambition. They were often used to treat tapeworms and other infections.

On the other hand in Ancient Greece, Pomegranates were deemed to be the fruit of the 'fruit of the dead', as it sprung from the blood of Adonis. This is told in the myth of Persephone, goddess of the underworld. 

Now back to a more positive note, in Ancient Israel and Judaism, Pomegranates were a symbol of fertility. They are commonly eaten on Rash Hashanah because of the many seeds, it symbolizes furitfulness.

In European Christian history, Pomegranates were depicted in many religious paintings, often held by the Virgin Mary or baby Jesus. When the fruit is broken open, this symbolizes Jesus' suffering and resurrection.

Today, Pomegranates are widely enjoyed by everybody...that is if you like them!

Katrina Kobayashi