Miami • 2017

Location | Miami South Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

a very, very short visit to miami on our way back from Aruba. What was suppose to be a 20 hour lay over ended up getting set back. We were 6 hours late leaving Aruba to our lay over in Miami, Florida. We got to Miami in the evening so we had a bit of time to explore the strip of South Beach. It's livley alright. Fun. Bright. Never experienced anything like it. We walked the board walk. Took a bike right back down. Grabbed a bite to eat and then called it a night. We were very tuckered out. 

In the morning we checked out a place called Lilikoi - Organic living. The cutest place ever! It was Bibi's idea to visit this restaurant and I'm so happy we did. We all got an Açai bowl for breakfast; my first one! Actually I also stayed in my first Air B n' B and took my first über ride. Many firsts for Kit kat in Miami. Our flight back to Toronto was at 2 pm that day. We packed up our things and hustled back to the Miami Airport.

Although the trip was short lived, it was exhilarating. Miami is definitely a place to visit.

Visit lilikoi here 

Katrina Kobayashi