Lolë White Tour

What an experience. I spent this evening at the Lolë White Tour in Toronto with the beautiful Britany by my side. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey to find our inner peace. We dressed in all white as a symbol of peace along with hundreds of others gathered around the magnificent Princes Gates. 

The first thing we tried was the PURE LEAF Iced Tea. So cool and refreshing. And then we checked out PRANA. A lovely organic company from Québec. They had these spicy coconut chips...AMAZING!

There were 3 yoga instructors guiding us through the setting sun. Thank you to all of them. You were all very soothing and relaxing with your sweet voices. 

Be sure to check out the Lolë White Tour when it comes back to Toronto. It's an amazing experience especially for beginners. I've never been part of a massive group of yogis before and it felt so good. We all looked amazing in all white and flowing in unison was the cherry on top.

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Katrina Kobayashi