C U B A • 2016

Being the largest island in the Caribbean; Cuba is known for its white-sand beaches, amazing landscape, cigars and rum.

A few months ago, my family and I made a trip down to Cuba. It was a much needed trip I must say. I’ve been down south quit a few times but it always feels so surreal when you get there. Even just when you land you think to yourself ~ WOW I’m finally here. You step out of that plane and take in that island air.

I love the way my body feels down south. I love the fresh air, waking up in comfort, not wearing a jacket and dressing however you want really, getting that sun kissed skin, and my skin feeling refreshed. And being on island time is the best. Not having to worry where you need to be next and taking it easy. 

I’ve been to Cuba 3 times now. Loved every visit, moment and experience. Thank you Cuba for being all that is beautiful. Gorgeous views, hospitable people, amazing weather, and of course the endless drinks. 

Katrina Kobayashi