Apples, Brie & Thyme

Apples, Brie & Thyme



Welcoming a new cookbook to the kitchen and to the blog! I feel this cookbook will assist me in many more food blog posts for the future. 

I decided to start with the first recipe…why not. Just by looking at the pictures I was like GOD DAMN! So simple yet it looks like it tastes like heaven. AND IT DOES! 



8 Slices of Ciabatta Bread

8 Slices of Brie Cheese

1 Thinly slices Gala Apple


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil for drizzle

Honey for drizzle


Fresh Thyme

Sea Salt

Ground Pepper


| what do you do |

Nothing to it really. You slice the bread, apples, and cheese. Put that together. Drizzle olive oil. Set the oven for 350℉. Bake until the cheese is melted and the bread is toasted. Garnish with thyme, salt, pepper and honey drizzle. Serve HOT! YUMS.

This is perfect for a snack or as an appetizer. Such an elegant and decadent piece of work. It's savoury, sweet & fresh.  

Try using other fruits like a pear, fig or dried cranberries.


Wine Pairing

Try a Rosé or Zinfandel. Because this dish is both sweet and savory, I feel it's a good balance. 

the love & lemons cookbook

Written by Jeanine Donofrio. This is not my own recipe. I never take credit for something that's not mine. I'll be doing many more posts from this cookbook. If I ever forget to credit it, or it becomes to repetitive, I will insert the lemon emoji (🍋) somewhere in my post...also just to be silly.

Nike iD

Nike iD