Where do I start with this cream. I couldn't keep my mind off of it when I first saw it. So creamy and smooth when you apply it. It feels like oil but not leaving an oily residue.

It's made with almond extracts to make their Almond Milk Concentrate. Like ugh...I don't think you can understand my excitement for this product until you go see for yourself.

Almond milk and oil helps to moisturize and soften the skin. There's also walnut seed and almond extract that helps protect skin elasticity.

Sometimes I like the heavier creams/butters but mostly I enjoy the lighter creams. This is defiantly the lightest cream I have ever used. And by far one of the best creams I own. I'm so happy I got this and I can't wait to try other products! My next one is the Almond Supple Oil...  

Katrina Kobayashi