Auxiliary • KETEL TOTE

I believe a staple accessory for every woman is a massive, all-purpose bag. For my style, I’m not a hug fan of the classic tote bag. I like their style but I don’t really enjoy wearing them. This bag however fits me perfectly. 

I’m been adoring the brand Auxiliary from ARITZIA stores. My first love was the BEGA SATCHEL BAG. I was eyeing the tri-coloured one forever! Tan, Brown and Burgundy. In love. It finally went on sale one day and Momma K. was kind enough to buy it for me for my birthday. the quality of these bags are amazing. Soft leather, sturdy, fashionable. The BEGA SATCHEL is very structured. An awesome, professional looking purse.

My latest Auxiliary purchase is 'the KETEL TOTE'. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the perfect tote bag for me. Like I said before, I’m a bit picky when it comes to totes. This one defiantly caught my eye. The structure, the feel and the look. All in one. It’s an amazing piece. It came in all black which is what I was after. Pebbled leather on the exterior for a soft feel and a luxurious look. It has a tan interior of ultra-suede for a pop of colour.



delivers Minialist desgin, modern sihouettes and impessable details

It was one of those purchases where I couldn’t let get away. A staple item to add to my collection. 

Katrina Kobayashi